Atomizers vs. Cartomizers vs. Clearomizers - Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

Riya | May 12, 2020

The number of vapers has seen a phenomenal increase over the last few years. Research indicates that the number of adult vapers will increase to 55 million by 2021. The different kinds of vaping devices available in the market is a major factor in the rise of vaping. The vaping devices come in different forms incorporated with different components and techniques to satisfy the needs of the users.

Among them, atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers are the most popularly used vaping devices. Each device has its own working mechanism with distinct pros and cons. The following guide draws a comparison between the three devices and highlights their advantages and disadvantages.


The atomizers are the oldest and the most popular vaping devices. The atomizers for vapes are the devices used to convert the e-liquid into vapors that are inhaled by the users. All electronics devices, including cartomizers and clearomizers, are designed with an in-built atomizer. However, the manner the e-liquid is delivered differs from one device to another. 

When the vape pen atomizer is turned on, the heating coil heats the wick that is soaked inside the e-liquid. As a result, the e-liquid is heated and converts into vapors on reaching the optimum temperature.

There are different types of atomizers available in the market namely,

Disposable Atomizer

These atomizers come with a fixed coil and are disposed of once used. They are inexpensive and preferred by beginners.

Replaceable Coil Head Atomizer

These are the most commonly used atomizers. They come with a replaceable coil with a screw mechanism.

Rebuildable Atomizer

These are the most advanced and expensive atomizers. They are used by seasoned vapors as it is easy to customize according to their vaping needs. 

Advantages of Atomizers

Atomizers are perfect devices for dripping. They provide the most convenient way to switch between different flavors of e-liquid. The atomizers have a very simple design, and the e-liquid is very easy to refill. The fact that they are priced lower than their counterparts makes them a preferred option for most vapers. The rebuildable atomizers can be customized according to the needs of the user to increase the amount of vapors.


Even though they offer a convenient way to refill, their cartridges have very low capacity. Since it will become a tedious task for seasoned vapers, who vape a lot to refill the atomizers frequently. Furthermore, there is no mechanism to track the amount of e-liquid that is left in the atomizer. The rebuildable atomizers are quite expensive and require a considerable level of skill to be customized.


Cartomizers are an extended version of atomizers with a closed design. They have a long metal body and come in a single design resembling e-cigarettes. In the vaping cartomizers, the heating coil is always surrounded by e-liquid by wrapping it with a polyfill material. The polyfill material is soaked in e-liquid, which allows for a longer vaping time. Some models come with a larger cylinder to hold more vaping juice.

The different types of cartomizers are: 

Polyfill Cartomizers

The most commonly used cartomizer with the heating coil wrapped around by a polyfill material. They are reliable and convenient to use. 

Wick Feeding Top Coil Cartomizers

They have two wicks connected to a heating coil located at the top of the system. Since the heating coil is at the top, the device produces hot vapors. 

Dual-Coil Cartomizers

As the name holds, these devices have two resulting in rapid heating of vaping liquid and producing heavy vapors. However, you need to use a powerful battery to get the best results. 

Tank Cartomizers

This is an extended version of a polyfill cartomizer featuring a large tank. The liquid from the tank enters the Cartomizer's body through a hole. However, in certain cases, there would be leakage. 


The vape cartomizers can hold more capacity of vaping liquid in comparison to the atomizers. They provide a longer vaping time. They are very easy to refill and customize according to the vaping needs. While some of the high-end models are expensive, the basic models are priced relatively less. 


The heating coil does not come in direct contact with the vaping juice. Hence, the amount of vapors is considerably less, making cartomizers less preferable to heavy vapers. The polyfill material alters the taste of the vaping juice. The cartomizers may also retain the taste of the previous vaping juice. Similar to atomizers, you can detect the level of e-liquid in the cartomizers. 


These are the latest additions to the list of vaping devices. The vape Clearomizers come in cylindrical shapes with transparent polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. The vaping juice is delivered to the heating coil through a silica wick. Some models come with a top heating coil and longer wicks while some have a bottom-placed heating coil and short wicks. 

Below are the different types of Clearomizers:

Rebuildable Clearomizers

In these devices, you can easily change the internal wick if its efficiency is decreased over prolonged use. You can also adjust the power by choosing different OHM powered heads.

Self Build Clearomizers

This device allows the vapers to customize the atomizer head, OHM output power, and other components depending upon the individual needs. However, it requires a substantial level of skill to customize it. 

Air Flow Regulation Clearomizers

This Clearomizer is equipped with special equipment to regulate the amount of vapes that a user inhales. Increasing the inflow will produce a heavy vaping experience. 


They have large tanks to store vaping liquid and hence have a longer life-cycle. Their transparent outer body helps to keep track of the vaping liquid level. Some models equipped with wick systems enhance the taste of the liquid. The vaping clearomizers are easily rebuildable and come with replaceable coils. 


The main drawback of clearomizers is they are very expensive due to their superior features and ease of use. Similar to cartomizers, these also retain the taste of previous liquid in some cases. Some Clearomizers are prone to leakage, however, it is largely based on the manufacturer and model. In the case of top coil models, it is difficult to absorb the vaping juice left at the bottom. 


Vaping is considered to be a healthy alternative to smoking. Hence, many cigarette addicts turn towards vaping to quit smoking. However, many researchers claim that vaping is also bad for health, but there has been no substantial evidence to prove the kind of effects it has on the body. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned vaper, understanding what suits you will result in a good vaping experience. 

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