CRAFT VAPERY + The Vape Summit Best In Show Award Winners

Riya | May 14, 2020

CRAFT VAPERY Announces The Vape Summit IV Best In Show Award Winners

Los Angeles, CA – CRAFT VAPERY, the world’s first curated vaping subscription service and one-stop online shop, is pleased to announce The Vape Summit IV’s 2015 Best In Show award winners.  CRAFT VAPERY’s reputation for curating only the finest, most premium e-liquids have both solidified its place as an industry-leading tastemaker and earned CRAFT an invitation to help judge the show’s 300+ liquid vendors and their wide array of flavors.

Seventeen e-liquids received a CRAFT VAPERY Best In Show Award, one for each of CRAFT’s 16 flavor categories and one for the overall Best In Show winner.

This year, CRAFT introduced a panel of judges with a variety of experience and flavor palates to help judge the entries.  This year’s panel of judges included:

Joshua Krane, Co-Founder, and COO: CRAFT VAPERY

Meriwether Morris, Director of Procurement & Curation: CRAFT VAPERY; @shittywether

Roy Mananquil, Founder: Vaping ROYbot, ROYbot Sauce, Vaperazzi

Peter Nguyen, Founder: The Vape Snob; Co-Owner: The Vapor Lair

After grueling trials and much deliberation amongst its team of expert judges, CRAFT VAPERY is very excited to celebrate these 17 outstanding and unique liquids.

“We are thrilled to be able to award these incredible artisans with these Best In Show awards,” said Krane.  “These are the innovators and creators we should all be looking to as industry leaders of the future, and the flavors we should all be filling our tanks with.”

Top Vape Stores in Nominations:



Element Vape

Eleaf World

The winners of The Vape Summit IV Best In Show Awards are, by category:

Florals & Spices


Vape Kitchen

Warm and boldly toasted almonds pair naturally with toasted coconut, Spanish Saffron infused VG, and generous notes of cream to provide a comforting, rich, and creamy honey-like flavor.



Frisco Vapor

A sweet and succulent Earl Grey sweet peach tea.



VaporFi Grand Reserve

Freshly brewed espresso combines with crushed hazelnuts, brown-butter caramel, and a drizzle of syrup to create this authentic latte vape.

Drinks & Cocktails


Motley Brew

The finest premium whiskey, a dash of spicy bitters, aromatic notes of citrus, and a touch of raw sugarcane highlight this remixed rendition of the classic Old Fashioned. It’s old school soul, remastered for absolute pleasure.

Mints & Menthols



An extraordinary blend of juicy guava, perfectly ripe peach, and a hint of cooling menthol.

Tobaccos & Cigarettes


Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

A take on the classic RY4 style featuring creamy vanilla, toasted almond, and caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth tobacco finish.

Best e-Liquid Brands:



eJuice Deals




This quintessential lightly roasted almond is a staple in the vaping world.



Powerline Premium E-Liquid

A perfectly baked waffle cone dipped in smooth, rich white chocolate.

Creams, Custards & Vanillas


Kings Crest

The same milky tres leches vape that won Best In Show at The Vape Summit II, now dipped in butterscotch candies and melted marshmallow.

Baked Goods


Glas E-Liquid

Notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale are followed by hints of warm pound cake and lemon zest on the exhale.

Breakfast Cereals


Coastal Clouds

Prepare to embark on a fantastic voyage with this warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow.



Taffy Man

Just like the candy itself, GR8APE will make you think you’re sinking your choppers into a massive slab of grape taffy.

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Tropical & Exotic Fruits


Popbars E Liquid

Cocodew combines the sweetness of honeydew melon with toasted coconut and almonds to create a truly amazing flavor that is as sweet as it is delicious.

Tree Fruits


Tear Drip

Experience innovation with this sugar-torched pear topped with caramel drizzle for a vape that is ablaze with sweetness.

Purchase Pearamel in the CRAFT Shop.



Vapewell Supply Co.

Ripe strawberry is mixed with a subtle hint of coconut for an unexpected creamy flavor.



Element E-Liquids

A sweet and tangy citrus blend of refreshing clementines, ripe oranges, and juicy tangerines.

Best In Show Overall


Sacred Enlightened E-Liquids

After just one vape of Metatron’s divine blend of fresh berries, sweet oats, and milk, you’ll feel like you have been touched by THE angel that is Sacred Enlightened E-Liquid.

Purchase Metatron in the CRAFT Shop.

Check Out Best Stores in the Market:

Green Roads World

Coastline Kratom

Royal Queen Seeds

Cheef Botanicals

Halo Cigs

CRAFT VAPERY would like to thank everyone who submitted flavors for consideration and the panel of judges for their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations winners, CRAFT VAPERY is excited to share you with the world!

About The Vape Summit

The Vape Summit is a trade show for the vaping/e-cigarette industry. Whether it is a small business operation or an established conglomerate, The Vape Summit caters to the multi-faceted vaping culture with an emphasis on diversity, value, and progress. The Vape Summit experience is about exploring the peak of one’s craft, as well as the journey itself. For more information please visit The Vape Summit website.


CRAFT VAPERY was founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with an unrelenting passion for vaping. It was this passion, however, that also led to frustration with what appeared to be the typical vaping experience: a daunting, confusing, time consuming, and costly process that required far too much education, research, trial, error, and waste.

There had to be a better way. Armed with highly complementary skills and perspectives, a wealth of vaping industry expertise, and a fierce commitment to quality, CRAFT VAPERY’s founders set out to build a company they wished had existed when they started vaping. Thus CRAFT VAPERY was born, fulfilling its flagship mission to continuously innovate and improve the vaping experience. For more information please visit the CRAFT VAPERY website.

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