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Riya | May 07, 2020

The rise in demand for CBD and hemp-derived products has led to the growth of a number of hemp companies. This has given a cluster of choice for consumers. However, certain hemp companies set themselves apart with their premium quality products and dedicated services. Among them, Industrial Hemp Farms has been in the forefront of the industry in supplying hemp-derived products. Based in Colorado Springs, the company follows a B2B model by selling hemp products to other companies on a wholesale basis. Industrial Hemp Farms has one of the largest raw hemp flower distributions in the country. 

Below are the highlights of the company that has earned it prominence in the hemp industry:

Industrial Hemp Farms Review

Industrial Hemp Farms started in 2015 with the motive of supplying superior quality hemp and CBD products to wholesale customers. It has a state of the art extraction facility through which it offers CBD extraction services on a contract basis to its customers. It extracts cannabidiol from hemp biomass by using innovative techniques and advanced equipment.

The wholesale hemp company claims that all its products contain less than 0.3% THC. It is capable of fulfilling orders of all volumes. Industrial Hemp Farms has been actively seeking out new partnerships within the hemp industry to expand its network. The company also has a 300-acre facility in Colorado Springs and a combined 1000 acre facility in 5 different states.

Industrial Hemp Products has garnered positive reviews from a huge number of customers for its premium quality products and services. Its products and services have also received high ratings from critics and industry experts. The high ratings and acclaimed Industrial Hemp Farms review is testimony to its unmatchable services and products.  

Industrial Hemp Farms Products

Industrial Hemp Farms has one of the largest product and service portfolios in the hemp industry. It boasts a wide variety of product categories, including hemp flower, cannabinoids, CBD products, CBD isolate, hemp trim, and terpenes. The products come in different variations with respect to the flavor, cannabinoid content, size, and quantity to meet the individual needs of a wide variety of customers. 

The Colorado-based hemp company sells a diverse range of high-quality hemp flower strains such as fire flower and house bud strains. Most of the strains cultivated indoors using advanced techniques. The Premium Top Shelf Category Strains include high-quality flowers that are covered in trichomes and loaded with terps. The company sells CBD as an isolate and in different forms such as oil, cigarettes, pre-rolls, gummies, and gourmet popcorns.

Industrial Hemp Farms offers numerous services, including hemp biomass to crude tolling, CBD extraction, and private-labeled programs. The company provides these services on a contractual basis. It uses efficient CO2 and methanol extraction processes to extract CBD from hemp biomass. The crude tolling service helps in converting the extra hemp biomass to winterized crude oil. 


Industrial Hemp Farms sources its products from organically grown farms and employs superior grade manufacturing techniques. The company uses only high-quality strains to manufacture its products. The sourcing and manufacturing process of the company is in compliance with industry standards. It also holds a merchant’s license from the Colorado Department of Agriculture for buying and selling hemp products. All its products are lab tested to ensure that only superior quality products sold to the customers. 

Buying Options

Industrial Hemp Farms supports payment from debit and credit cards of all major banks. It also accepts payments through wire bank transfer, ViaBill, and bitcoin. Using ViaBill, customers can pay for the order in installments without incurring any interest. Customers can buy the products either on wholesale or on a retail basis. They can place a wholesale order for up to 10,000 lbs by contacting the company and requesting for a special quote. 


Industrial Hemp Farms offers same-day shipping on all orders. Shipments with order values of over $200 will be shipped via USPS priority. It will take 5 to 7 days on an average for the order to be delivered depending on the delivery address. Customers can also opt for USPS Express for a faster shipping by paying additional shipping charges. The colorado-based wholesale hemp company offers shipping insurance for an additional 0.98$. Customers can claim the full refund for the order if the shipment is damaged or lost in transit. 


Industrial Hemp Farms sources their products directly from the farmers and sells it to consumers and wholesale dealers. As a result, they are able to offer their products at relatively low prices by eliminating the middleman. The products are priced based on different factors, such as the cannabinoid percentage in the product. A 3.5-gram pack of White Widow CBD Hemp Flower with 20.30% cannabinoids is priced at $19.99. On the other hand, 150 grams of CBD Isolate Powder with 99% cannabinoids costs $600. 

Customers who are looking to buy bulk quantities can directly contact the company and request for special wholesale rates. Similar to the products, their services are also priced reasonably in comparison to market standards. The company offers special quotes to the customers for its services after understanding the requirements of the customers. 

Warranty (Returns & Refunds)

IHF offers a 30-day return policy to all its products. However, the product should be unopened and in sealed condition in order to be eligible for the return. The company will not accept the return of opened packages. It also does not accept returns if 30 days have passed from the purchase date. Once the items are returned, it will take 72 business hours for the refund to be credited. 

Customer Service

Customers can contact the representatives of the company through telephone or by sending an email. Alternatively, customers can also share their concerns by filling up the form available in the contact section of their website. The representatives will address the concern and update the customers. 


The stand-out aspect of Industrial Hemp Farms is the pricing of high-quality hemp and CBD products at affordable rates. The company achieves this by eliminating the middleman and selling it directly to the end consumers. The extraction and crude oil conversion services are a great asset to the company’s gaining popularity. With a robust B2B model and a diverse range of reasonably priced products and services, Industrial Hemp Farms has something to offer to everyone.

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