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Riya | May 12, 2020

The demand for cannabis seeds has risen exponentially over the last few years owing to the gaining popularity of CBD and hemp-derived products. Even though the cannabis seeds do not have any therapeutic value, they boast excellent nutritional benefits with high omega acid and protein content. There are numerous cannabis seeds companies in the market to meet the growing demands of consumers. Among them, Royal Queen Seeds is a very popular name amongst the cannabis breeders. The following write-up focuses on the important aspects of the Royal Seeds Company that make it stand out from the rest. 

Royal Queen Seeds Review

Based in Europe, Royal Queen Services offers its services to over 30 countries, including the USA, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and France. Royal Queen Seeds USA is well known for its premium quality cannabis seeds and discreet shipping services. The company has over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. A team of professional cannabis experts handpick cannabis seeds with high-quality genetics from different parts of the globe. The selected seeds undergo a rigorous testing process before shipping to ensure quality and germinating strength. 

The cannabis seeds offered by the company have won multiple awards over the years, such as the popular Highlife and High Times Cannabis Cups. All the seeds are picked from organic mother plants without any genetic modification. The seeds are tested to ensure their genetic purity and are true to their genetic lineage. 

The website boasts excellent reviews and ratings for the products. They can be found on the respective product pages. Customers can use the Royal Queen Seeds reviews to choose the best quality products from their catalog. Furthermore, the products of the company have received acclaimed ratings from cannabis experts all over the world. 

Royal Queen Seeds Products

Royal Queen Seeds has a never-ending list of products in its catalog. The cannabis seeds are segregated into 3 categories viz, Autoflowering, Feminized, and CBD seeds. The company consistently works on selecting the seeds from high-quality genetic strains of cannabis plants and adding them to the catalog. 

A professional team of cannabis breeders select two high-quality strains and cross breed them to produce offsprings that give high yield, are disease resistant, and have shorter harvesting periods. The company has a long line of unique cannabis seed strains for customers to choose from. It also features a list of top ten cannabis seeds, making it easier for customers to choose from a huge variety. 

Apart from the cannabis seeds, the company also features other products such as CBD oil, vaporizers, and merchandise. Royal Queen Seeds claims that their CBD oil is 100% organic and extracted using efficient CO2 techniques. The vaporizers contain a blend of dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids to improve mood and relieve people from pain. The merchandise section includes a long list of products such as t-shirts, caps, ashtrays, rolling trays, and lighters. 


The methodological selection of parental strains for cross-breeding ensures that the new strain has the desired characters with respect to the yield, harvest time, and disease resistance. All the cannabis seeds are hand-picked from organic plants with high-quality genetics. The company employs a rigorous testing process to ensure genetic purity. Furthermore, the seeds are tested on a daily basis to ensure that they have optimum germinating strength.

Buying Options

Customers can place the order online using Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoins. Alternatively, they can also make the payment via bank transfer. The company supports 4 different currencies, namely Euro, Chilean Piso, Great Britain Pound, and Polish Zloty. 

Customers in Europe can purchase their products offline by visiting Royal Queen Seeds stores spread across the continent. Customers can enter this ZIP code on the website to find the nearest offline store to purchase the products. 


Royal Queen Seeds offers free shipping to all its orders. There is no minimum order value to avail of the free shipping services. As of now, the company ships to 31 countries. The delivery time ranges from 3 to 15 working days, depending on the country. It ships to countries even where Cannabis is prohibited by law. The company won’t take responsibility if the order is kept on hold at the customs office. 

The company ships the orders from its warehouse in Spain. It only delivers orders to personal addresses. It will not deliver the orders to PoBoxes, Packstations, Relay Points, or any other public addresses. Customers will receive the tracking information to the registered email address and will only be able to track the shipment once it reaches the destination country. 

Royal Queen Seeds company offers stealth packaging to make the shipment more discrete, in addition to its standard packaging. The stealth packaging will cost 5 Euros and will include an empty DVD case. However, customers will not be able to add any free gifts if they choose the stealth shipping option.


Royal Queen Seeds takes every bit of effort to make sure that its products are priced relatively cheap in comparison to market standards. A pack of 5 seeds of Tatanka Pure CBD costs 40 Euros, while Storm Vaporizer Pen is priced at 299 Euros. Apart from the affordable prices, customers can also make use of Royal Queen Seeds vouchers to get free seeds and attractive discounts on the products.


Customers can return the products within 14 days upon delivery of the order. Royal Queen Seeds does not request for any reason for returning the product. Customers can request for return by sending an email or by filling the withdrawal form from the website. Once the item reaches the warehouse, the refund will be credited back to the original payment method. 

Customer Service

The renowned cannabis seeds company boasts a knowledge base of FAQs to help the customers. If customers have any concerns or require any additional information, they can contact the company via telephone or email. Alternatively, they can fill the form available on the official website. Royal Queen Seeds will resolve the query and update the customers. 

The Bottom-Line

Royal Queen Seeds boasts a huge variety of cannabis seeds in its catalog. It has unique strains that are developed as a result of cross-breeding of high-quality genetic strains. It received the best seed bank award for the year 2019. With a huge portfolio of diverse, high-quality cannabis seed strains, discrete shipping services, and affordable pricing, Royal Queen Seeds has been one of the most preferred choices for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. 

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