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Riya | May 07, 2020

Vaping involves using an e-cigarette device in the place of a traditional cigarette. Studies suggest that vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking. E-cigarettes are safer in delivering nicotine into your body without the combustion process. They don’t use tobacco. Instead, they use an e-liquid with or without nicotine mixed to it. Thus e-cigarettes produce a less harmful vapor than the smoke from tobacco. So if you are thinking about quitting tobacco, vaping is your best option.

Types of Vapes

There are many types of e-cigarettes in the market, and thus it can be confusing for beginners to choose from. This article helps you with different types of vapes and you can choose the best types of vapes that suit your needs based on the following analysis.


Cig-a-likes are the entry-level vaping devices used by most novice vapers. These types of vapes are also referred to as e-cigarettes because of their close resemblance to regular cigarettes in terms of shape and size. There are two types of e-cigarettes available in the market. A single piece e-cigarette that can be disposed of after vaping and a two pieced e-cigarette that has a drawing port and a replaceable cartridge. 

E-cigarettes are best suited for beginners who want to quit smoking. It is specifically easy to use because there are no buttons or settings the user has to learn to use. It is similar to drawing smoke from traditional cigarettes. The technical aspects of e-cigarettes include an LED light that mimics the smoke while dragging, automatic draw activation, low wattage usage, a capacity to hold up to 20 drops of e-liquid, and a battery recharging option.


The e-cigarettes are easy to use and are aimed at entry-level vapers. They are the most affordable vaping devices available in the market. The e-cigarettes are small, compact, and highly portable, making them easy to be carried around. They consume less juice compared to other vaping devices.  


The e-cigarettes are not designed for prolonged use. They have short battery life. Since they are targeted at entry-level users, their vapor levels are low and not suitable for seasoned vapers. They have a very low capacity to hold e-liquid compared to other vaping devices. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the most popular vaping devices among the vaping community. Vape pens are considered to mimic real smoking the most. Because of their popularity, they are increasingly being updated, and new features are constantly being introduced. Hence vape pens are the most versatile among all other vaping devices. 

Vape pens are typically cylindrical with varying styles. They are larger than e-cigarettes. Their increased size enables a stronger battery life and more vapor generation. Their rise to popularity is in tandem with the rise in the cannabis industry. 

Vape pens can be used to vape several types of plant-based concentrates and oils. Investing in a good battery and a high-quality device makes vape pens a good choice for vaping. The technical features of the device include two components: a battery and a tank. Unlike e-cigarettes, they don’t have an automatic draw function. Instead, they have a firing button and a mouthpiece.

There are four types of vaping devices available in the vape pens category based on different features: If someone has a night on the tiles or is out on the tiles, they go out in the evening, for example to a bar or a club, and do not return home until very late.

Fixed Voltage

This device has a consistent voltage output. It is not complicated to use because it has only one mode of operation. You only have to press the firing button and vape using the default mode.

Variable Voltage 

This device lets you tinker with the voltage levels. There is more option for you to experiment and create an ideal setting for you. You can change the settings according to the intensity, vapor levels, and throat hit you want.

Variable Temperature

This is not a very common feature among vaping devices. The main function of this type of vaping pen is to avoid dry hits. The pen automatically adjusts the voltage according to the user’s temperature settings. These are the latest addition of vaping devices to be introduced to the market.

Sub-ohm Tanks

This type is also called Tube mods. The distinct feature of these devices is their use of sub-ohm tanks and larger batteries. Sub-ohm tanks are atomizers specifically designed for bigger clouds. Because of this design, it is possible to get a high hit of nicotine. These devices don’t come with the option of variable voltage and temperature. Like the fixed voltage devices, these devices also have only one button for firing up.


The vape pens have an increased battery life making it ideal for longer usage. They are highly customizable with multiple options and settings to choose from. They produce more vapors and flavor hit compared to e-cigarettes. They can be reused as they come with replaceable cartridges.


Due to their larger size, they are not portable and can not be carried around easily. They have a shorter battery life compared to other vaping devices. Refilling has to be done often because of its smaller capacity.

Pod Vape

These devices use low wattage like e-cigarettes and nicotine salt-e juices. Nicotine salt e-juices differ from regular juices because they are more intense and smoother in flavor. The cartridge of these devices is called a pod. Like e-cigarettes, pod vapes are draw-activated, making them a no-hassle device. There is no need for the user to push any buttons or change settings. There are two types of pod vape: Open and Closed.

The open ones are refillable. Users can purchase their favorite flavored nicotine salt e-juice for refilling. Generally, a pod vape has the capacity for up to 5 refills. The closed ones come with a fixed pod, which is disposable.

The only thing users need to know about purchasing salt e-liquids is to check the atomizer resistance of their device and choose suitable liquids accordingly. It should also be noted that pod vapes are not devised for large clouds. Their strength lies in providing rich and well-rounded flavors.


These are the ideal vaping devices for beginners. Their small size makes them highly portable. The nicotine strength can be personalized based on need. The pods can be replaced or refilled.


Their battery life is shorter than the box mod vaping devices. The vapor production is low as it is targeted at beginners. The low vapor production makes seasoned vapers to stay away from the device.

Box Mod

As the name suggests, these devices are box-shaped and are well suited for experienced users. They are the most efficient and advanced vaping devices available in the market. Their significant features include high vapor production, increased battery power, and highly personalized setting options. Box Mods use sub-ohm tanks and external batteries. These tanks, combined with a larger battery, provide for a brilliant vaping experience. Like vape pens, they come with adjustable temperature and voltage settings. Sophisticated box mods also have LED displays and extra features like puff counter and ohmmeter.


They are equipped with a highly efficient battery. They have improved flavor strength and produce more vapors. They have numerous nuanced features that can be personalized and tweaked. The Box Mods have options to choose between different types of vapes: Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung. They can be used with different tanks.


Due to their large size, they are not portable like vape pens or e-cigarettes. The advanced settings and numerous options require a certain level of skill to play with. They are expensive, and you need to invest time and extra money on battery. 

The Bottom-line

With vaping gaining increasing popularity, new models are being introduced every day. There is a need to experiment between different vapes to choose what suits you the best. Generally, for beginners, it is suggested to choose simple devices like cig-a-likes. While e-cigarettes are older models, vape pens are more updated and versatile options. Their larger cloud production and flexibility to choose between different concentrates make them an ideal alternative. 

For those trying to quit, pod vapes are a good option. Their automatic drag option and higher flavored intensity perfectly satisfy high nicotine cravings. Advanced devices like box mods are for seasoned users. Once you are done experimenting with the entry-level ones and look for a richer experience, box mods come in handy. Their complex options take practice to operate efficiently, but it is nothing an experienced vaper cannot handle. 

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