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Riya | Nov 02, 2020

For the past few years, Cannabis has gathered immense popularity and success in the medical field for treating therapeutic issues and offering wellness effects. To get the CBD’s healing effect quickly, the CBD offerer has produced a few devices such as CBD e-cigarettes, CBD bongs, and CBD vaporizers. 

Among those CBD consumption devices, CBD vaporizers are one of the favorites of CBD users because of its easy accessibility and effectiveness. The CBD vaporizers are the same as CBD e-cigarettes, but the only difference is vaporizers need a special ceramic chamber to heat the CBD content. 

When CBD content such as raw hemp flowers, cannabis flower, CBD vape e-liquid replenishes, hash for steaming, etc. warmed they get vaporize. The vapors release all the active terpenes and cannabinoids, offering the receiver with CBD instant gain and other particles for pleasure, instant relaxation, and an excellent vaping experience.

There are various CBD vaporizers in the market. The tabletop and the best-selling portable CBD vaporizers (vapes) in the market are Volcano Vaporizer; lets learn about the volcano vaporizer review in detail. 

What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

In 2009, Volcano Vaporizer was stabilized as a CBD vaping device firm. The store- the volcano vaporizer claims to offer the highest quality performance vaporizer, which exceeds the most challenging demands of the CBD users. The website mentions that it only sells officially licensed products with complete manufacturing warranty.

Why is Volcano Vaporizer the Best?

  • In the vaporizer industry, the volcano vaporizer is popularly known for its gold standard products and services. Volcano vaporizer classic is built to be durable for a much healthy alternative to smoking with an unmatchable vapor quality.
  • The store claims that when a CBD herb is burned in its vaporizer, it stays and makes you enjoy it for a longer time without burning it in ash.  
  • Volcano Vaporizer claims to be a little bulky and bigger than any other vaporizer in the market. The quality of Volcano portable vaporizer quality is unmatchable and leaves behind all its competitors. 
There are special 3 qualities to consider, which makes the Volcano Vaporizer the best, the qualities are-

Built to Last

The Volcano Vaporizer is German-engineered and developed by Storz and Bickel to possibly last for a longer duration. Its volcano classic vaporizer is built without flavor, with ultimate heat-resistant, and using food-safe materials. Its official website claims that the vaporizers meet UL and NRTL requirements, the quality manufacturing standards of ISO, and the volcano vaporizer guarantees to sustain rough usage.

Alongside the strong built, the design of Volcano Vaporizer is also done in the way of producing pure, smooth, and clean vapor. Most importantly, it offers extremely accurate temperature control. All the digital volcano vaporizer comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Medical Grade Vapor Quality

Volcano Vaporizer offers unique quality construction. In addition to the building, the thing which makes the Volcano Vaporizer the best is its vapor quality. The vapors have a smart delivery system that also offers precise temperature controls making its vaporizer performance the possibly highest quality. 

Volcano Vaporizer for Dry Herb has a sensitive system that gently heats spices, herbs, and essential oils without letting them burn, not even a little. It balances accurate temperature controls enabling you to choose the right setting for your material. The vapors are much smoother, more aromatic, and more flavorful. In less than a minute, the balloon is filled with vapors making you directly inhale. 

Healthier Alternative to Smoking

The Volcano digital vaporizer claims to offer a healthier alternative to smoking and the best and fairest vaporizer for the patients consuming medical marijuana. Its temperature control makes the material safer and guarantees no combustion. 

The store also guarantees that the volcano weed vaporizer offers a flavorful and pure vapor, more effective and potent than traditional smoking. The vaporizers resist the material to block in reaching the combustion point, avoiding no carbon monoxide or noxious byproducts. The volcano weed vaporizer gases consist of a total of 95% cannabinoids.

How Volcano Vaporizer Works?

  • Operating the volcano vaporizer is very easy and quick. All the Volcano vaporizer parts are challenging for rough usage. To make every user enjoy vaping, the store has listed a quick step-by-step guide, lets go through its operating process- 
  • Place the base of the Volcano onto a flat surface.
  • Look for the filling chamber and put the screen on the bottom of the chamber to hold herbs in one place to form a proper seal.
  • Put the packed filling chamber on the Volcano. You will notice a valve, which holds the plastic bag to fill up vapors and hold it for inhaling. 
  • The valve hooks easily into place on top of the filling chamber.
  • Now you just need to press the green button for filling the Volcano bag with vapors. After filling the vapors, you must use them within 1- 2 hours.
  • it will take a little time to properly set the temperature. You must experiment to get the precise setting that produces the desired vapor thickness. For more temperature control refinement, buy volcano digital vaporizer with manual temperature controls, which works just fine.
  • While disconnecting the filling chamber, clip on to the sides of the bag. The clips will then stick to a mouthpiece bag, which maintains the vapor inside the bag and forms a seal. 
  • To release vapors, press your lips on the valve.
  • Does a Volcano Vaporizer Get You Higher?

Smoking and vaping is almost the same. The only difference is that vaporizing doesn’t let your weed burn, but heats weed to a specific temperature. The same heat activates the terpenes and cannabinoids in Cannabis, releasing the vapor to inhale, sustaining some practical health advantages of vaporizing over smoking.

Vaporizing process largely involves the specific lower temperatures, which preserve the active compounds and utilize its full potential. This results in getting a more potent and more purest form of weed, giving you high effect along with saving money.

Similarly, by experimenting with the weed temperature, you can influence your weed flavour and adjust the intensity as per your needs. For the high effect and maximum potency of your weed, set your vape to the highest temperature setting, but not above 229°C, which is a combustion temperature leading to the eradication of flavor and potency of your weed.


Volcano Vaporizer is a handy device for vaping CBD and medical marijuana or Cannabis. It ships worldwide. Alongside this, the store offers 3 versions of vaporizers such as volcano hybrid vaporizer, volcano classic vaporizer, and digital volcano vaporizer. All the volcano vaporizers are affordable and available in classic models. Volcano 3000 Vaporizer price range starts from $407.99, and additionally it is offering a 15% of an additional offer on using volcano vapourizers Coupons.


Volcano Vaporizer’s desktop balloon vaporization system offers an excellent and precise control that one must always wish to have in a professional vaporizer. Volcano Vaporizer’s makers are proud of its products' quality and durability by claiming that their first vapor set, which was sold in the year 2000, is still in fair condition, just like a brand new set.

To date, Volcano Vaporizer has sold more than 5000 units of vaporizers and helped its consumer save an average of $91 dollars on each purchase. You must give Volcano vaporizer a try!

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